Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can a level be paused?
A: Yes, in between rounds the clock won't tick.

Q: Can a round be paused?
A: Nope, that little time you must have (don't play while driving! ;-) - Note, that the menu does not pause the game either while a round is in progress.

Q: Why have some levels not very colourful tiles as others?
A: In those levels coloured tiles would suspend the challenge of recognizing and differentiating the tiles. It's intended level design.

Q: I had 2 blunder but got a penalty of 3 seconds. Why 3 and not 2?
A: First blunder = 1 second penalty, second blunder = 2 seconds penalty. First and second blunder together = 3 seconds penalty.
Besides, the more time for a level is allotted the more penalty seconds per blunder will be added.

Q: I missed just one pair of tiles and got 2 blunder for it. Why?
A: Each tile that got wrongly selected or not counts as a blunder. If one misses only one tile of a pair it would count as one blunder.

Q: I'm stuck at a level no matter how focused and fast I am. Are you sure the levels are solvable?
A: All levels have been tested carefully. They are all doable. As mentioned in the description above, if concentration and swiftness won't do the job, then brains are required. ;-) Especially the later levels might require some thinking or a strategy.

Q: Why is the difficulty level not increasing linearly from level to level?
A: Even though one has to unlock the levels one by one, it was not the intention to simply play through all levels and that's that. The general idea was to play the levels one likes and try to improve on the times and minimize blunder so one gets up in the highscore. The levels are arranged by theme and not so much by difficulty.

Q: Why are the levels rather easy to solve and not really tough nuts?
A: The real game is to beat the own level records (or those of ones friends or other players in the highscore table) and improving when ever one wants to give it a try. The level objectives are kept simple enough so that playing a level will take only rather little time. That way time is not a critical part and a Selectron session can be squeezed in when ever one feels like it.
Also, this way you don't play just once towards a fixed goal, but set the bar higher yourself each time you beat your previous record.

Q: Why are not all level objectives for all tile sets available?
A: The thought was that having to play the same level objective over and over again would be all together pretty boring. To keep the game interesting and fun the level objective changes over the course of the game.

Q: How do I have to understand the time and blunder count in the highscore table?
A: The highscore (as well as all play modes on the start screen) has the times and blunder of all levels added up (per play mode). This way you can improve your total score by playing the levels you like and not playing the ones you don't like that much. When you think you are at your limit with one level, switch to another one to improve your highscore.

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